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Holy Trinity Abbey Adare, Co. Limerick

Holy Trinity Abbey is now the local Roman Catholic Church of Adare. It was originally built by the Fitzgeralds for the Trinitarian monks in the 13th century. The monastery was badly damaged during the reign of King Henry VIII and was restored and enlarged in the mid 19th century.

Adare village is widely regarded as being Ireland’s prettiest and most picturesque village. Situated on the river Maigue, a tributary of the Shannon river, Adare gets its name from the Irish "Ath Dara" - the "ford of the oak tree". Adare many years ago belonged to the Kildare branch of the Fitzgeralds or Geraldines and was later maintained and restored by the Dunraven family over the last two centuries.

Today, Adare enjoys the reputation of being one of Ireland's prettiest villages and gets many visitors from here and abroad.


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